14 June 2020

14 Jun 2020 by Curated by Sue McK in: Read, Watch, Listen and BLOG

Read, watch, listen: Here is a curated selection of original thought-provoking pieces for your reading and listening time:

  • Can America heal its racial Wounds? Yes Magazine speaks to Desmond Tutu and his daughter Rev Mpho Tutu about the truth and reconciliation process in transitioning to a multi-racial democracy.
  • The Conversation: "Co-opting Christianity in the service of power is almost as old as Christianity itself...Had Trump read the text he held, he would have found a story of liberation for slaves, a divine preference for the poor, a demand of justice for the marginalised, a cry of lament from those who grieve, and a damning critique of any empire that oppressed its people."
  • Bruce Epperley on Abraham, Sarah, and Pentecost: Do we take advantage of the culture in which we live in finding common ground for our message of creative transformation and healing? This Sunday’s readings connect hospitality, healing, and mission, whether we are in ordinary time, facing a pandemic, or in the middle of protesting injustice. They ask us and our congregations to expect surprises when we align ourselves with God’s vision for our lives.
  • What actually is white supremacy, and what are some subtle ways it shows up? Does the Bible hurt it, or help it? What issystemic racism? Listen to this Bible for Normal People podcast interview with African-American theologian and author Professor Drew Hart.