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Welcome to Engadine Uniting Church!


Engadine Uniting Church is celebrating the Seasons of Creation this month.

As Christians, we hope for the wellbeing of both the planet and people. It is stated in our most foundational prayer, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  As disciples of Christ this is not just a prayer to speak but a prayer to be lived. 


In this Seasons of Creations you are invited to Community that loves their people neighbour, tree neighbour, plant neighbour, animal neighbour, bird neighbour, fish neighbour, land neighbour, water neighbour, sky neighbour and in doing so, loves their Earth neighbour.




As part of the Uniting Church we are called to carry forward the work Jesus Christ began in all aspects of people’s lives. Our mission is to be a living presence of God in the community and to follow the example of Christ so God’s transforming love may be experienced by all.