12 July 2020

12 Jul 2020 by Curated by Sue McK in: Read, Watch, Listen and BLOG

 - Bruce Epperley asks “Is God at work in our profoundly troubled and ambiguous time, when leaders refuse to lead and the majority of the population believe the nation has lost its bearings?...The story of Jacob and Esau reminds us that God can still bring something good out of challenging situations and flawed persons.” (Picture: Birth of Esau and Jacob by Francois Maître,1475)
 - “The Change We Seek” Uniting World works to bring positive lasting change in communities by providing strong governance and funding to local programs that bring about sustainable livelihoods, resilient communities and leaders who value equality and inclusion. They build relationships with churches that span decades, and have a life and purpose beyond just projects. Read more here
 - Wellington Uniting Church took simple steps that changed a regional council’s approach to clean energy use; it’s a 2-minute read in Insights Magazine here
 - All People are Holy “To say that all people are holy is the polar opposite of the core evangelical doctrine that all people are totally depraved by nature. And yet I think it’s an absolutely Christian thing to believe.” A five-minute read from the USA that asks whether people who are worthy of total damnation are also disposable in our society.