24 Apr 2020 by EUC in: Impacting the Wider World

At Engadine Uniting Church, we believe that as followers of Jesus, we are charged with caring for our environment as an expression of love to all peoples and creation. We are concerned about the impact human activity has on the environment and climate. Below are some activities and links that express our commitment to this issue.






Beeswax wraps workshop

 What have beeswax wraps got to do with deep spiritual issues?

Just prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, the EUC sponsored a beeswax wrap workshop where we had a fun time making beeswax wraps. Helping local households in strategies to reduce their use in throwaway plastics is a small step in protecting our environment and being good stewards of the earth.

The workshop presenter, Jessica Morecroft from Uniting Earth, not only guided a number of participants to successfully make beeswax wraps but also challenged us to to consider the  deep spiritual issue behind environmental and climate change issues.


For more information about Uniting Earth: Facebook and website


For the Love of Creation. ABC Compass Program

As more people of faith become climate change activists, three Australian Christians reveal what leads them to take non-violent action in support of the climate change emergency.