30 August 2020

30 Aug 2020 by Curated by Sue McK in: Read, Watch, Listen and BLOG

Straining out gnats and swallowing camels: Did you see the news this week about the Australian Archbishops opposing the development of a Covid vaccine using ‘morally compromised cell lines’? Take 2 minutes to read this highly articulate response from a skilled writer who considers the ethical dilemma and raises the stakes.

Journey with Jesus: (5min read) Jesus speaks this week about his coming death. Debie Thomas says, “Taking up the cross means accepting — against all the lies of my culture — that I will die.  It means following up that courageous acceptance with the most important question I can ask: given my inevitable death, how shall I spend this brief, singular, God-breathed life?“  

Palestinian Clergy speak out: (3min) Despite Christians’ uninterrupted presence through two millennia, the church leaders in Palestine are deeply concerned about the dwindling numbers of Christian families in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. “As any Palestinian—Christian or Muslim—will tell you, it is the Israeli occupation that is making life unbearable for Muslims and Christians alike,” writes the Rev. Alex Awad.