2 August 2020

2 Aug 2020 by Curated by Sue McK in: Read, Watch, Listen and BLOG

Here is a curated selection of original thought-provoking pieces for your reading and listening time: 
 - The Adventurous Lectionary: each week, writer Bruce Epperley weaves his way through ALL the lectionary readings for the week, pulling together the threads as he seeks the voice and word on God in our midst. Frequently worth a look!
 - How to think about what’s next: a great piece about church, its future, and the challenges of working our way through the unknown. Please read this if you are at all concerned about church surviving and thriving in the next five years.
 - The Limp and the Blessing: Debie Thomas reflects on the story of Jacob wrestling with God. “We can limp and prevail at the same time.  We can experience healing in brokenness.  If I want to engage with God, then I must expect that I will be changed in the process — and not always in ways that are painless or comfortable or easy.”