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By Whose Authority? 27 Sep 2020 by Jan C (Service), John McK (Sermon)
Late-comers: Welcome (20 Sept 2020) 20 Sep 2020 by Karen R (Service), Paul B (Reflection), painting The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh 1888
The Persistent God (13 Sept 2020) 13 Sep 2020 by Kathy S (Service), Rev Radhika Sukumar- White (Sermon)
Restoration with Christ Centered Integrity (6 Sep 2020) 6 Sep 2020 by Paul Bartlett
Holy Ground (30 Aug 2020) 30 Aug 2020 by Loraine H (service), Paul B (Sermon)
Locked down but not locked out (23 Aug 2020) 23 Aug 2020 by Heather S
The mystery of faith (16 Aug 2020) 16 Aug 2020 by Jan C (service), Paul B (sermon), Image Woman of Canaan, c1940-1996, by Sadao Watanabe who places biblical subjects in a Japanese folk art context)
The Other Side (9 Aug 2020) 9 Aug 2020 by Karen R (Service) John McK (Sermon)
We have nothing but... (2 Aug 2020) 2 Aug 2020 by Paul Bartlett
Right or wrong? (26 July 2020) 24 Jul 2020 by by Sue (service), Bruce (sermon)
Weeding out Judgment (19 July 2020) 19 Jul 2020 by Kathy Slade (Engadine) Graham Lawrence, (Menai Illawong), Barbara Moore (Jannali) , Young Dae Lee (Jannali), Picture by Tacuina Sanitatis, 14th century.
A spendthrift lover is our Lord (12 July 2020) 12 Jul 2020 by Loraine H (Service), Paul B (Sermon), Picture by Earnest Graham, from his blog "Look Both Ways: Art & Faith"
Joined together in life giving, useful service (5 July 2020) 5 Jul 2020 by Paul Bartlett
Worship without Sacrifice (28 June 2020) 28 Jun 2020 by Heather S
Costly Discipleship (21 June 2020) 21 Jun 2020 by Sue McK (Service), John McK (Sermon)
Invited by Jesus (14 June 2020) 14 Jun 2020 by Jan C (Service) Paul Bartlett (Message)
Lost in Wonder (7 June 2020) 7 Jun 2020 by Paul Bartlett
Pentecost and National Reconciliation Week 31 May 2020 by Kathy S (Service (Loraine H (Sermon), Jasmin Roberts (Artwork at
The Ascension 24 May 2020 by Karen R (Service) Heather S (Sermon)
Universal God 17 May 2020 by Loraine H (Service) Bruce H (Sermon)
There is room for me? 10 May 2020 by Heather S (service), Paul Barnett (Sermon), Helen Siegl (Block print,
They Know His Voice 3 May 2020 by Rev Paul Bartlett
The Anzac Myth? 26 Apr 2020 by Sue and John McK
Being a Blessing 26 Apr 2020 by Sue McK
Belief 19 Apr 2020 by Jan C (Liturgy), Bruce H (Reflection)
Easter Sunday Service 12 Apr 2020 by Paul Bartlett (Service), Mavis B (Photo)
Good Friday Service 8 Apr 2020 by Paul Bartlett
How do you see Jesus? 5 Apr 2020 by Paul B, Rob H (Photo)
Hope in Unprecedented Times 29 Mar 2020 by Kathy, Leanne , Sue (Service) Loraine H and Paul B (Sermon)
Seeing in the Light 22 Mar 2020 by Heather S and John M